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Social Programs

Transmashholding is a socially-oriented company that pays great attention to human potential development iwithin its enterprises and in the cities where the employees are working.

The Holding not only supports the existing social infrastructure around the enterprises, but also has programs aimed at developing of the corporate solidarity of the employees, improving their social security and creating conditions for their comprehensive development. The Company believes in most cases that the social expenses are compensated by productivity gains associated with the workers’ awareness of responsibility before their team, new skills acquisition, increasing confidence in the future.

As the biggest private employer in Russia (total workforce exceeds 53 thousand people) Transmashholding pays great attention to everything that surrounds employees, both at the enterprise and outside the factory gates.

The Company pays close attention to cooperation with the primary trade union organizations of the enterprises. As the part of the Holding there is Coordinating Council of trade unions (KSPO), which represents teams in solving problems related to defining of the Holding policy in corporate and social programs.

Continuous improvement of the products and the equipment, on which they are manufactured, requires acquisition of new knowledge, development of new work skills. Training centers operate at the largest enterprises of Transmashholding. Scholarships are paid to the best students of colleges and universities, who will become engineers in the future. The employment is guaranteed for these students at the enterprises of the Holding after graduation.

The Holding strives to keep only the best, the most skilled workers, engineers and managers at the enterprises. The Company monitors the situation in the region in order to ensure that the wages at the enterprises of Transmashholding are higher than the regional average wage for the workers' of the same qualifications.

Employees are provided with tourist camps, sanatoriums and children's camps, sports facilities and recreation centers, which are often the centers of cultural life in their cities. The biggest part of the holiday trip cost for the employees is compensated by the enterprise and trade union committees. The most important part of the staff health program is the system of medical institutions, operating at all major enterprises.

The Company is attentive to the needs of the regions, where its enterprises are located. In recent years Transmashholding has concluded agreements for cooperation with the administrations of all regions of its presence. The Holding supports schools, orphanages, cultural and medical institutions.

Sporting events and events for employees’ children are regularly held under the auspices of Transmashholding. Professional holidays, including The Day of Mechanical Engineering, The Metallurgist Day, The Day of the Railway Worker are widely celebrated at the enterprises.

Company's Management aim is to create an atmosphere of a large and friendly team, among whose are not only current mechanical engineers, but also their families, children and veterans.